Air China opens Europe call centre

To better serve its customers, Air China is launching a new toll-free call center in Europe, starting in February 2007. The free service started in Germany and will progressively extend to other countries.

The new service is customized not only for a variety of passenger needs, but also for business customers and partners in Air China’s distribution channel. Air China’s newly founded European Headquarters is responsible for the management of this service center, while Beijing plans the strategic development.

The new service, accessible by dialling 800-86-100-999, will be available to callers in six major languages: English, German, French, Italian, Russian, and Chinese. Air China customers will enjoy general enquiries support, ticket booking and sales service, frequent flyer service, and immediate attention to other customer issues. Air China’s Beijing Headquarters and European offices allocated qualified trainers for the implementation of this service center. The training lasted for two months, with intensive courses given in general airline knowledge, Air China customer service processes, the use of the reservation system, etc. For the ongoing phase, Air China will allocate support on a rotating basis from their specific country offices in Europe to improve the quality of services as well as to help the front end service staffs better understand the customers from different markets.

“Air China sees the European market as the most important part in our strategy to shift to a carrier of international reputation”, says Mrs. Zhang Lan, Senior Vice President of Air China. “With the repositioning of itself, Air China’s aim is not only to serve as the first choice provider for Chinese travellers, but also to attempt to attract high-class European customers. The services will therefore be consolidated and improved in order to upgrade the infrastructure and enhance passengers’ comfort.”