HotelConnect tracks online activity

HotelConnect has implemented speed-trap’s analysis and measurement technology on their website in a bid to track and understand how visitors are using its website and to learn what visitors are actually looking for.

Commenting upon the installation, Georgi Donnell, Website Manager at HotelConnect said, “we’re using speed-trap for tracking promotions, prioritising website usability developments and to show us just how customers are coming to our website. We place a high importance upon recognising the different behaviour of actual purchasers compared to those who simply browse the site and now thanks to speed-trap we can do that”. Donnell elaborated; “we constantly seek to enhance the experiences of both customer and browsers alike as much as possible, and the data speed-trap now gives us enable us to see just what both sorts of visitors are actually doing and, just as importantly are seeking to do. Customer service is extremely important to us and we are using the comprehensive feedback speed-trap provides to push this message throughout the HotelConnect website”.

Donnell continued, “speed-trap provides us with crucial management information and associated site performance indicators regarding all facets of the website and its usage, all this, plus the ability to re-visit and mine historical information enables us to understand exactly what visitors to our website want to do, and knowing that enables us to take the appropriate steps to improve visitors’ experiences and thus in turn, increase web site effectiveness and therefore revenues. An additional bonus was speed-trap’s amazingly fast deployment and flexible feature set which enabled us to implement and start collecting key data fast, which, along with speed-trap being totally maintenance free, was an additional benefit - especially compared to other tools we’d sought to implement in the past.”

Announcing the business, Malcolm Duckett, speed-trap’s VP of Marketing and Operations said: “The public is increasingly using the web as their first step when researching and purchasing hotel, travel, holiday and related products or services, its key therefore that organisations in this market do everything possible to ensure their websites are as intuitive and user friendly as possible.  This market sector is one in which speed-trap’s technology excels, having been used very to great effect by organisations including Tourism Ireland, Saga, Hoseasons, 121 Travel and Orient Express”.

Elaborating, Duckett continued: “Unlike other analytics tools, such as those based on web server logs or other traditional tagging methods, our technology works by observing events in real-time in the user’s browser rather than on the server, whilst also providing dashboards with full campaign behavioural, performance, search and form-filling analysis. This enables those responsible for our client’s websites, be they web masters, marketing executives, etc., to make informed decisions based upon accurate and meaningful data about the behaviour of their web visitors and their site, i.e. enabling them to recognise and target emerging or changing business opportunities or customer segments - the end result being a visitor friendly and more profitable site”.