ATA seeks LAX rent intervention

The Air Transport Association HAS filed a petition
with the Department of Transportation for ATA to intervene in the
case brought by airlines serving Los Angeles International Airport
challenging the validity of excessive rent increases.Airports and airlines throughout the United States are able to construct
positive business relationships that allow airports to satisfy their
economic and operating interests while improving facilities to meet
passenger and community needs. Unfortunately, because LAX did not put
forth a bona fide effort to negotiate with the airlines on fair and
reasonable rental rates, the result is multiple challenges to this
unwarranted and unsupported increase.

“LAX forced an adversarial relationship that can only negatively impact
airline customers and the broader Los Angeles community,” said ATA
President and CEO James C. May. “We support our member airlines who
serve LAX in asking DOT to scrutinize LAX’s refusal to address airlines’
legitimate concerns.”