Snowboarding video website unveiled

Snowvision, a broadband video site for snowboarders, launched today at Snowvision marks the second niche video site from Diversion Media, a New York-based company founded by Nicholas Butterworth, former CEO of MTV Interactive Group, and Tatum Lade, former head of technology at iFilm. Diversion launched, a leading travel video site, in October 2006 and plans to launch several more video-driven community sites over the next year.

“Snowboarders are a tech-savvy, demanding audience,” said Nicholas Butterworth. “We’re hoping to provide the community with a platform for all the great content that’s out there. With the success of Travelistic, we’re excited about expanding our network to meet the needs of another segment of the online audience.”

Snowvision’s features include personalized weather feeds, customized resort data, high-resolution Flash video delivery (including a full-screen video mode), a drag-and-drop playlist interface, user uploads, and a special “Sponsor Me” section for riders who want to get seen by sponsors, which opens March 1st.

Snowvision’s original content includes coverage of events including the SIA 2007 show, the Legendary Mount Baker Banked Slalom, New York’s Union Square Street Sessions, the California On-Snow Demo at Mammoth Mountain, and the Grenade Strike Back Tour, featuring interviews with riders and snowboard world personalities including Lucas Magoon, Scotty “the Body,” Louie Vito, Danny Kass, and Renee Renee. Fresh original content is added daily to the site.

Standard Films of Lake Tahoe, one of the premier production entities in the snowboarding community, heads a list of over a dozen established snowboard video producers who have also contributed content to the site. Links to purchase DVDs are provided for each video in a special “DVD Clips” area.


Snowvision’s design team was led by Creative Director Samuel Spitzer, creator of sites including Supreme, A New York Thing and KAWS One, and included graffiti artist Stash and graphic designer Ben Drury.

Diversion Media’s technology team, led by Co-Founder Tatum Lade, developed Snowvision on Diversion’s in-house platform, built in Ruby on Rails and optimized to manage uploads, publishing, and delivery of multiple video formats. Diversion’s platform also powers and will be used for future offerings within the network.