TACA aiming to raise standards

TACA obtained 99.7% fulfillment in flights planned within its ample route structure during 2006, covering 35
destinations in 19 countries of America, with only 0.3% of scheduled flight segments
canceled.In addition, TACA is located among the first in On Time Performance indexes, the
airline obtained 91.9% of on time arrivals among the total of itinerated flights
made during last year.

Also, TACA obtained, fulfilling industry standards, that only 1.15 per 1.000
passengers were affected by overbooking of tickets, a common practice within the
civil aviation industry, whose overall standards are 1.25. Thanks to cutting edge
technology, TACA can detect reservations that will not be used in order to maintain
flight inventories in accordance with reality.


During December, luggage handling (mainly from North to Central America) was highly
satisfactory (even having higher occupation rates, since more than 274 thousand
passengers were transported in that month) thanks to a maximization of loading
processes and the computer systems though which an excellent balance was maintained
between the luggage pieces permitted per ticket and the excess baggage pieces, that
in common agreement between the passenger and the airline, arrive at their
destination in a 6 days term after the passengers flight.



It is important to highlight that TACA has a more flexible luggage policy in
comparison to that of other airlines, since in addition to the transported luggage
without cost in accordance with the ticket, TACA allows the paid transfer of all the
luggage that the passenger needs to transport in all its routes, with the exception
of some destinations during high season.


In opinion of Claudia Arenas Bianchi, TACA’s Corporate Communications Director, “the
obtained results are owed to the evaluation and constant improvements of the
standards observed by TACA, in order to fulfill its clients’ expectations and as a
consequence maintain their preference”.