Lonely Planet channel launches

Internet broadcast
specialist ROO and Lonely Planet are launching a dedicated Lonely Planet channel on ROO’s online
video network that will showcase city-based destination videos, narrated by
the authors of the Lonely Planet guide books written for that city. The
videos will be featured as a part of ROO’s Travel category syndicated to
their network of partner websites.
  A Lonely Planet channel will be created under ROO’s Travel category and
showcase destination videos available only to the ROO audience. This
content will also be available to select sites across the ROO Network,
expanding upon ROO’s diverse online video content. Lonely Planet’s travel
destination content aims to inspire people to explore, have fun, and travel
often. And they strive to provide travelers everywhere with reliable,
comprehensive and independent travel information.
  “We are pleased to be adding Lonely Planet content to our extensive
library of video,” said Robert Petty, CEO of ROO. “The specialized travel
content will be a tremendous asset to the growing library of content
currently available on the ROO network, enhancing the experience of the
online user and encouraging them to spend more time viewing video on the
  “At Lonely Planet we are constantly seeking to provide travelers with
fun, stimulating and entertaining travel content across media, and online
video has become a real alternative to television,” said Laurence Billiet
for Lonely Planet Television. “The partnership with ROO media will enable
Lonely Planet videos to reach a new audience across a wide variety of
  The content on the both the Lonely Planet and ROO Network sites will be
updated monthly. Lonely Planet currently has 8 travel destination content
pieces, which it will be adding to in the future.
  About Lonely Planet Television
  Lonely Planet Television produces and develops some of the best travel
and factual programming for international broadcasters, including the
Discovery Channel, SBS, Eurosport and Current TV. Its flagship series,
“Lonely Planet Six Degrees” is screening in over 100 countries. Lonely
Planet Television is also producing a new range of short-form travel videos
for online delivery,