Air NZ sells art collection

An Air New Zealand-owned large oil painting by Allen Maddox has sold for $32,500 in Fishers Online auction website.

The auction ended last week and Fishers announced the results today.

Other sales included a large Douglas Badcock for $6000 and four large works by Peter Beadle also went under the hammer.

The majority of limited edition prints sold including works by Shane Cotton, Don Binney and Dick Frizzell.

Works by lesser known artists such as Tony Ogle, John Castle, and Felicity West created furious bidding-rivalry in the last minutes of the auction.


Artworks were purchased by buyers throughout New Zealand, as well as a few works being snapped up by a bidder in London.

Air New Zealand recently decided to sell its entire art collection via Fishers auction website. Most of the works showcased iconic New Zealand themes and locations.