Bahamavention campaign launches

The Bahamas Ministry Of Tourism is launching its next iteration of the “Escape from everyday life” campaign entitled “Bahamavention,” a new creative platform by Fallon Minneapolis. In the recent news story, The Death of the American Vacation, it was reported that Americans had actually gone from leaving three vacation days unused annually to four.

Bahamavention is a new, fully integrated national branding effort. The campaign breaks in the U.S. on December 11.

The campaign aims to position The Islands Of The Bahamas—ranked among the happiest places in the world in terms of health provision, wealth and education by a recent study by University of Leicester in central England—as the only destination which understands that taking a vacation is not just about escaping to the sun, sand and sea, but also from everyday stresses like work, traffic and the monotony of everyday life. A Bahamavention is defined as an action taken by concerned friends or family members to get a loved one the help only The Islands Of The Bahamas can give. The campaign targets those who want to help their un-happy, over-stressed and under-tanned friend or relative by encouraging these interventionists to end their loved one’s cycle of pain and put him or her on the road to recovery by performing a vacation intervention or Bahamavention.

“The new campaign introduces Bahamians as experts who embody a less stressful and balanced life for the intended audience,” said Bahamas Ministry of Tourism Director-General Vernice Walkine. “Real Bahamian residents appear throughout the campaign, extending their warm, personal invitation to The Islands Of The Bahamas and offering an escape from everyday life.”

The Bahamavention campaign will appear, like others in the travel industry, in traditional media-like print and television-but more importantly, in multiple nontraditional media that target people during the time of day when they are most stressed: at work, in rush-hour traffic, late at night when stress can lead to lack of sleep, etc. This includes New York City subway trains and a late-night spoof infomercial targeting stressed-out insomniacs.


By featuring relatable characters, the campaign aims to stimulate the emotions associated with the desperate need to escape from everyday life in a humorous way. One TV spot tells the story of a soccer mom who is irritable with her husband and violent toward the soccer coach. Another spot shows a family performing a Bahamavention with their father who, after talking on his cell phone all day, isn’t aware of his constant yelling. And a third spot reveals a man known as “Frowny Guy” who smiled for the first time in years after his Bahamavention.

“Bahamavention is the new problem/solution creative vehicle used to express the idea of escaping from everyday life,” said Todd Riddle, Fallon Group creative director. “The creative elements remind the millions of Americans who have gone too long without a vacation the benefit of taking time off-and that The Bahamas is the ideal vacation destination for that escape.”

An ideal destination to cast cares away, the 700 Islands Of The Bahamas attract visitors with world-class diving and fishing, beautiful turquoise water and miles of picture perfect beaches. Island-life, from the non-stop excitement and entertainment of Nassau/Paradise Island and Grand Bahama Island to the laid-back lifestyle of the Out Islands, comes in a variety of flavors for discerning travelers yet draped in one colorful Bahamian backdrop.

As of Jan. 23, 2007, all U.S. citizens and foreign nationals traveling to the United States from The Bahamas will be required to present a valid passport to enter or re-enter the United States. To escape from the intensity of everyday life following a much deserved Bahamavention, visit .