UNWTO joins WTM to push responsible tourism

UNWTO is to be the major partner with World Travel
Market in the launching of WORLD RESPONSIBLE TOURISM DAY.The UN family and the Tourism Industry celebrates World Tourism Day each 27th of
September, reflecting the social and economic relevance of Tourism. Now in a first
extension, World Travel Market launched Responsible Tourism Day with UNWTO as its
major partner, focusing on practical action by the industry and other stakeholders
in this critically important area.

The need for a more responsible attitude in tourism, especially towards host
communities, has become evident in recent years. Responsible Tourism is an important
consumer and corporate component of triple bottom line sustainability - economic,
social and environmental.

“We see World Responsible Tourism Day as a logical outreach programme which each
year will help carry our UN awareness program into action oriented initiatives”,
said UNWTO Assistant Secretary-General, Geoffrey Lipman.

These aspects are embodied in the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, approved by the
UNWTO General Assembly in 1999, and subsequently endorsed by the United Nations
General Assembly in 2001. If the principles of the Code are observed, tourism will
progress towards becoming more sustainable and tourism operators can be said to be
aware of their responsibility.

The launching of a World Responsible Tourism Day, to be celebrated every year during
World Travel Market, one of the most important gatherings of the tourism industry,
hopes to stimulate actions by tourism companies, tourists and public tourism
stakeholders in the right direction.


UNWTO will fully support this initiative in order to further develop this vibrant
sector along sustainable and responsible lines.