Sixt unveils Singapore Franchise

As the 7th country in Asia
Pacific, Sixt is now rolling out its services in Singapore.The company has signed
a franchise agreement with the Singapore Mobility Corporation, a subsidiary
of PG Asia, a regional group with diversified interests in the automotive
and IT industry across Asia Pacific.
  Unique Products for a unique market: Singapore, home to many Asia
pacific headquarters of multinational companies, is known to be one of the
world’s most expensive places to purchase cars. Sixt is therefore
introducing a range of new leasing products designed to significantly cut
costs for vehicle owners. From flexible cost effective leasing solutions
and vehicle sales, across international and local short term car rental and
limousine services to car sharing services for businesses and individuals,
Sixt Singapore is offering a one stop shop solution for all mobility
requirements for corporations and private individuals.
  Paul Chirdaris, Director of Sixt Singapore: “We have been following the
Singapore market for a while now and found that there is a lot of room to
improve mobility service products. After launching our products to selected
target groups in the market we have received overwhelming response and I am
confident that Sixt will be able to make a strong impact on the way vehicle
leasing will be offered in Singapore in the future”.
  One example of the different approach Sixt is taking is its service
offering to corporate customers. Companies with higher fleet requirements
are offered a free study of their current total cost of fleet ownership and
are advised on how to further reduce costs taking into account anything
from fuel consumption, fleet utilization, taxation and vehicle
  Singapore as an innovation hub for mobility solutions: Singapore also
acts as a regional hub for Sixt, who supports its various franchisees
across the Asia Pacific region from here. Though limited in its market
size, Singapore, due to its excellent infrastructure, offers a unique
opportunity to test & try various service products for the Asian market
before introducing them to other franchisees. Thus several fleet management
technologies are being currently tested and will be soon introduced to
various other Asian markets next year.