Traveler ID launches advertising platform

Traveler ID is launching the Traveler ID Network Gateway, a new performance-based online advertising platform for travel providers, online travel agencies and other travel related websites.The Traveler ID Network Gateway will launch in December when Traveler ID opens registration to the general public.

“The Network Gateway offers travel providers another means of connecting with the Traveler ID community, in addition to accessing traveler profiles,” said a company spokesman. “Our new platform is just as simple and easy-to-use as Google Adwords and other performance-based cost-per-click (CPC) networks, so it will be very familiar to providers who are already using such systems.”

Network advertisers are able to submit a logo or other image, text headline and two text description lines for each listing, and may also designate a category—- such as air, hotels, car rentals, etc.—- and descriptive keywords. Traveler ID users are able to browse for travel providers by category and conduct keyword searches.

Advertisers are also able to designate the country in which they want each listing displayed in order to ensure listings are displayed in the appropriate markets. Currently, advertisers may designate the U.S./Canada, UK or India, and more regions are planned.

The Traveler ID Network Gateway’s flat twenty cents ($0.20) per click rate will likely be considered a bargain by many travel advertisers who have found that competitive bidding on auction-based networks such as Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing often drives per-click costs up to one dollar or more.


Traveler ID’s professional, easy-to-use website ( allows travelers to create comprehensive travel profiles, including air, hotel, car rental and vacation preferences—- in less than three minutes—- and provides each user with a unique identification number, a Traveler ID. The users themselves decide how much information they feel comfortable sharing.

Thereafter, whenever a user books travel at a travel website within the Traveler ID network, the user simply provides his or her Traveler ID number and passcode, and the user’s travel profile and preferences are instantly transmitted to the website, speeding up the booking process. The user is in full control over when and with whom the user’s profile is shared.

The Traveler ID Network Gateway will be launching in December with a wide variety of featured advertisers, including American Express®, Enterprise Rent-A-Car,, and Radisson Hotels and Resorts, and the company is actively seeking additional advertisers.