Research: EasyJet welcomes green report

easyJet, one of the world’s most environmentally-efficient carriers, welcomes the emphasis the Stern report puts on emission trading, global solutions and on the reconciliation of economic and environmental sustainability.
Sir Nicolas Stern presented the findings of his report on The Economics of Climate Change in the presence of Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Chancellor Gordon Brown.

Andy Harrison, easyJet Chief Executive, commented on the report:

“easyJet shares many of the conclusions of the Stern report. Like the Stern report, easyJet strongly believes that we can grow and can be green at the same time. To achieve this objective, we have to find European and global solutions that reconcile economic with environmental sustainability. Low-fare airlines have done exactly this by introducing a new way of flying that is incredibly more efficient than the old way of flying half-empty aircraft in and out of congested hub airports. We fly brand-new aircraft and we fly them direct and as full as possible.


Now it is time to take the whole industry to the next level of efficiency and energy conservation. easyJet has been one of the earliest advocates of including aviation into the EU’s Emission Trading Scheme, and we are delighted that the Prime Minister personally is putting its weight behind the idea. While emission trading is not yet a global solution, we can make give it global outreach by including all flights to and from Europe, not just intra-EU flights that account for only 20% of Europe’s flying - or 1% of total EU emissions. 



It is also important to understand that taxation is not the answer. Taxes don’t help the environment - they only fill a government’s coffers and burden the economy. There are more effective solutions right under our nose. Airlines could significantly reduce CO2 emissions if Europe’s governments would reform our medieval Air Traffic Management systems and would stamp out the illegal subsidies that are still given to ailing national airlines that fly old, half-empty airlines.”



easyJet has long been arguing that airlines have their part to play in safeguarding the environment. However, it is important to put this into perspective - the European Commission’s own calculations confirm that aviation accounts for just 3% of CO2 emissions in Europe. easyJet takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and as a result the airline is one of the world’s most environmentally-efficient airlines. easyJet flies brand new, quiet and fuel efficient aircraft using the latest technology. With its point to point network and some of the highest load factors in the industry, no resources are wasted and every aspect of the business is efficient.