EVA Air unveils second Hello Kitty Jet

EVA Air has unveiled its second Hello Kitty liveried jet, exactly one year after the introduction of the original - also the world’s first. The new Kitty Jet 2, themed inside and out, will entertain passengers on special flights from Taipei to Nagoya, Osaka and Sendai, starting October 21, 2006. The new service complements EVA’s established, successful Kitty Jet services to *censored*uoka and Tokyo.

The special edition Airbus A330-200 is emblazoned with a cast of well-known Hello Kitty characters who have been given EVA crew and staff identities.
Inside, cabin attendants wear Hello Kitty aprons and ribbons in their hair, walls are decorated with cheerful themed murals and Hello Kitty accessories accompany the cabin service. Menu choices include Hello Kitty meals and exclusive EVA Hello Kitty duty free shopping is available. Passengers even get pink Hello Kitty boarding passes and luggage tags!
Kawai Yoshifumi the President of Japan’s Sanrio Group, the company behind Hello Kitty, and EVA Air President Peter Chen co-hosted an inauguration event at Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport, formerly Chiang Kai Shek, and welcomed special guests that included Taoyuan County Governor C. L. Chu. Kitty and her pilot friend Daniel headlined festivities and children from Taoyuan County performed a traditional tribal folk dance.

A beaming Kitty in an EVA cabin-attendant uniform welcomes passengers onboard while Daniel confidently stands next the cockpit outfitted as one of the airline’s captains, ready to whisk families on merry flights to fun-filled destinations.

The perky Tippy bear wears a chef’s hat and holds a spoon, prepared to create Evergreen Sky Catering’s gourmet treats.

Teddy and Joy as maintenance professionals ensure that the Kitty Jet is in tip-top shape. Tim, also in a maintenance uniform, makes sure nothing has been overlooked from the right wing while Tammy as a cabin attendant exudes friendly composure from the left wing.


Fiffy, Cathy the rabbit and Rory the squirrel are all colorfully clothed as EVA ground staff, escorting passengers onboard the Kitty Jet Version 2.