Aussies divided over security checks

Australian travellers are divided over whether airport security checks are tough enough five years after September 11, according to a major new poll.

The online survey was conducted by leading online travel guide and directory and asked the question: Five years after September 11, how do you rate Australia’s security checks of airport passengers?

More than 1300 people responded to the survey, which ran for one month.

Forty per cent of respondents (531 people) thought that airport security checks in Australia were too relaxed and they didn’t feel safe, but 1 in 4 people (26 per cent or 348) felt they were too tough and were overkill.

However, 34 per cent thought they were just right (445 people).

ADVERTISEMENT global marketing manager Paul Fisher said the results were a valuable insight into the community’s feelings on safety post-September 11.

“It’s clear that the after-shocks of September 11 are still being felt five years later and people are no longer complacent about their safety,” he said.

“Their opinions, however, on what constitutes an effective airport security check which guarantees their safety and comfort differ greatly.

“The majority of people surveyed felt security checks were too relaxed and they didn’t feel safe, but at least 1 in 4 thought they were too tough.

“September 11 has obviously created an environment of uncertainty and fear, but safety is certainly something that is foremost in people’s minds.” is ranked by Hitwise as one of the Top 10 tourism industry sites in Australia. Its three travel directories for Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom receive more than 80,000 visitors collectively each day.