Caribbean Airlines replaces BWIA

Caribbean Airlines has launched, signalling a new era in Caribbean aviation.  Caribbean Airlines will offer the Caribbean a world-class, financially strong carrier dedicated to bringing quality and efficiency to its customers as they travel to, from or within the Caribbean region.

Caribbean Airlines will replace BWIA West Indies Airways, which has served the Caribbean honourably for 66 years.
The process of change will bring no inconvenience to travellers. There will be a seamless transition from one company to the other when the first Caribbean Airlines flight takes off on January 01, 2007. Tickets purchased for travel on BWIA will be honoured on Caribbean Airlines; frequent flyer miles and membership in Club BWEE will be automatically transferred, guaranteeing continuity and confidence for all customers.

“Caribbean Airlines style of service will be professional but not distant, personable not pushy, genuine not contrived, very natural and easy” stated Peter Davies, Chief Executive Officer of BWIA.  “The livery and logo of Caribbean Airlines centres around the hummingbird,” added Mr Davies. “The hummingbird is found only in the New World and early references to Trinidad are as the land of the Hummingbird. This makes this symbol highly appropriate as an emblem for Caribbean Airlines.”

“Its character will capture the diverse aspects of the region, its food, music, d├ęcor, language and personality. Essentially, the warmth of the islands. Today is the start of a very exciting phase in aviation in the Caribbean.”