KLM migrates to Amadeus

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is signing an agreement with the Amadeus for the migration of all direct sales and reservations activities from KLM’s existing Corda system to Amadeus’ Altéa Reservation system. KLM expects to initiate implementation in the first quarter of 2007.

Air France has been using Altéa Reservation since 1992. KLM expects that the migration will enable both airlines of the Air France KLM Group to better serve their customers through increased standardization and improved data exchange. The move also presents opportunities to achieve further cost synergies.

KLM will, for the time being, retain its Corda system as a revenue management platform for reservations.

KLM will be the third European SkyTeam member, after Air France and ?SA Czech Airlines, to opt for Amadeus Altéa Reservation. This system is currently used by around 150 airlines worldwide.