US Airways backs employee volunteers

US Airways Group has begun its annual system-wide month of volunteerism called “Destination: Serve the Nations”.From Aug. 1 through 31, US Airways’ Do Crew, employees and their families in more than 25 cities across the airline’s network will participate in a multitude of projects that make a difference in local communities.

“Last year our debut ‘Destination: Serve the Nation’ was a grand success. Hundreds of our dedicated employees were able to make a difference in their communities and touch the lives of those who needed assistance,” said C.A. Howlett, senior vice president public affairs. “This year, with the advent of our merger, the new US Airways is thrilled to have a larger family of thousands of employees who are dedicated to volunteerism and committed to make an impact in the markets we serve.”

Employees participating in “Destination: Serve the Nations” will volunteer with a variety of nonprofit organizations and work on projects such as packing emergency food boxes, assisting seniors, neighborhood beautification and working with underprivileged children.

The Do Crew, US Airways’ employee volunteer corps, began in 1997 and has since grown to include more than 2,500 members. The Do Crew has chapters in Boston, Charlotte, N.C., Las Vegas, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Reno, Nev., Washington D.C. and Winston-Salem, N.C. Do Crew members invest thousands of hours annually in the community. “Destination: Serve the Nations” fosters volunteerism by allowing employees outside the US Airways Do Crew chapters the opportunity to give back to their local community.