Qantas looks to new security booths

A huge booth that could screen passengers, luggage and passports while checking them into a flight is the key to airport security in the future, Qantas says. Addressing the 2006 Asia Pacific Aviation Summit at Brisbane Thursday, the airline’s head of group security Geoffrey Askew said the booth would be the ideal “integrated security check-in process,” according to the Australian Associated Press.

“There is no reason why an individual, family or group of people could not enter a booth of some sort maybe nine or 12 square metres,” he said.

“Inside that space self-checking could occur. The baggage is screened, persons and their carry-on baggage are subjected to a number of integrated screening processes that eliminate time consuming, intrusive processes employed at security checkpoints today.

“The exit door opens and access is granted directly into the sterile area.

“If there is an issue the security officer is deployed to the booth to resolve the problem before those people exit.”