Swiss™tel adapts to structure changes

With the acquisition of Fairmont by Kingdom Hotels and Colony Capital, a new global hotel leader headquartered in Toronto was created, offering a portfolio of 120 hotels in 23 countries under four brands: Fairmont, Raffles, Swiss™tel and Delta.Swiss™tel Hotels & Resorts, positioned as a distinct brand within the portfolio, now bases its corporate office in Zurich, under the continued leadership of Mr. Meinhard Huck, Managing Director.  Mr. Huck commented, “We are very excited that the Swiss™tel brand is now part of Fairmont Raffles Holdings International, one of the global hotel leaders in the luxury and deluxe hospitality segments.”

Ms. Susannah Donne, Regional Director of Global Sales - Europe, leads the Swiss™tel Europe Sales Office based in London from 12 Temple Place, London WC2R 2PR, [email protected]  She directs a team that includes Ms. Teki Schror (Assistant Director of Global Sales, Corporate) and Ms. Katy Sgouraditis (Assistant Director of Global Sales Conference and Incentive).

“With the new team on board,” commented Ms. Donne, “we look forward to focusing our sales and marketing efforts to reinvigorate and further enhance the Swiss™tel brand.”

In 2007, Swiss™tel Hotels & Resorts will also expand its global hotel portfolio with the opening of properties in Tallinn, Shanghai and Izmir.  Mr. Huck cited continued emphasis on international development, coming on the heels of the recent celebrated openings of Swiss™tel properties in Moscow (summer 2005) and Ankara (April 2006).

Swiss™tel Hotels & Resorts is positioned as a deluxe hotel brand with strong customer focus based on the traditions of the Swiss hospitality.  Swiss™tel provides to the discerning travellers a modern and contemporary hotel design with a local touch, heartfelt service, seamless reliability and outstanding cuisine and spa offerings.


In addition to Mr. Huck, the Executive Team members of Swiss™tel Hotels & Resorts in the Swiss™tel Corporate Office are: Mr. Isidoro Geretto, Vice President, Finance; Ms. Petra Götting, Vice President, Marketing & Sales; Mr. Thomas Bastian, Director, Special Projects; and Mr. Pierre Botteron, Group Director, Human Resources.