New Austrian biz class unveiled

The first milestone of enlargement and quality improvement of the Austrian Business Class on long-haul flights has been completed as the first redesigned Boeing 777, registration OE-LPB, took off with the new Austrian Business ClassThe amount of space available to Business Class passengers on Austrian Airlines aircraft has been increased, for the first time a total of 49 lie-flat sleeper seats will be used on the Boeing 777 for a relaxing journey. The Austrian Airlines Group offers an in-flight experience consisting of comfort, ambience, culinary delights and charming, personal service and wants to position the business class on intercontinental flights among the best worldwide.

The new Business Class lie flat sleeper seat has been equipped with a wide range of practical functions and is also a design-piece. High-quality materials, like real leather for example, were used to manufacture the chair. A variety of sophisticated elements, from the tilting reading lamp through to the storage compartment, an extra-large screen and a massage function, define a new standard of comfort. A control panel adjusts the positions of the sleeper seat according to the wishes: Sit, Relax, Sleep and Massage options are available. Lowerable armrests make the bed wider still and even more comfortable and privacy screen can be simply pulled up from the armrest for an undisturbed private sphere. Soft pillows and blankets or a special new function gently massages the back as passengers relax. All of which ensures “recharging the batteries” and passengers reach their destination fresh and fully rested.

Top chefs from around the world grace the plate with their culinary creations. A ‘flying chef’ on board the aircraft personally ensures an exquisite finish, the on-board sommeliers recommends the perfect wine to complement the choice of meal. In new Austrian Business Class a genuine Viennese coffee house service with a wide selection of coffees and world-famous Austrian pastries will be also provided.

The in-flight entertainment programme is extensive: Up to 18 video channels and an extra large tilting screen for every sleeper seat recreate that real cinema feeling. The audio programme offers a choice of pop, jazz, hip-hop or classical music. Special headphones are designed to cancel out all background noise.

At the moment the in-flight internet service has not been activated. The Boeing Company conducts its review of options for the future Connexion by Boeing in-flight Internet business model. Therefore the Airlines Group has temporarily postponed the installation of Connexion equipment onboard its long-haul fleet. Austrian Airlines Group will await Boeing’s further information about the future Connexion by Boeing services and business. 


A total of nine Boeing 777 and Boeing 767 long-haul jets will be redesigned step-by-step. At the Austrian Airlines website,, passengers can take a virtual seat in the Austrian Business Class and try out all the functions of the new lie-flat sleeper seat anytime. By simply entering the date of the next flight, passengers can find out whether the aircraft will already be equipped with the new features.

As of now, passengers will experience the new comfort in Austrian Business Class, including the lie-flat sleeper seat, on routes to Kuala Lumpur and Sydney as well as to Singapore and Melbourne. In the future the redesigned aircraft also operate on routes to Delhi, New York, Washington, Toronto, Mumbai (Bombay), Mauritius, Phuket, Colombo, Malé and Caribbean holiday destinations.