Etihad-branded A380 flies over UAE

The Airbus A380, will fly across the UAE on Monday morning, on its way to a prestigious Etihad Airways event at Abu Dhabi International Airport.
The Etihad-branded, double-decker A380, in the UAE to undertake heat testing, will carry out a low fly past over Dubai and Sharjah before heading for Abu Dhabi Corniche and city centre, finally touching down in the UAE capital’s airport.

“The sight of the A380 circling the UAE’s skies will be a fantastic moment for everyone, whether living here or visiting on holiday or business. Etihad is excited about the introduction of the A380 into our fleet, and demonstrates our ambitious plans as the world’s leading new airline,” said HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saif Al Nahyan, chairman of Etihad Airways.

The revolutionary aircraft will fly along the UAE’s coast between 09:00 and 10:00 at a height of 2,000 feet, enabling spectators below to gain a rare glimpse of the A380 in-flight.

Etihad Airways and Airbus will then mark a double celebration in Abu Dhabi, with a special VIP and media showcasing of the UAE national airline’s new A340-500 Diamond zone, and the visit of the A380.

Etihad is scheduled to take delivery of four A380s, which forms part of an US$8 billion, 24-strong order, placed with Airbus for new aircraft which was signed in 2004.
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