timetospa.com expands online presence

timetospa.com, Steiner Leisure Limited’s virtual spa, shop and lifestyle guide for men and women has expanded its online retail presence to give customers more avenues for purchasing. This involves its professional recommended European skin and hair care brands, Elemis, La Therapie, Ionithermie and Steiner Haircare.

In addition to the main timetospa.com site, these brands can now be found at the new timetospa.com outlet store on eBay - http://stores.ebay.com/timetospa and at a new online storefront on Amazon.com - http://www.amazon.com/timetospa . The expansion into Amazon.com and eBay gives timetospa.com direct access to these sites’ extensive global community.

In addition to providing the savvy customer looking to enhance their beauty and well-being with top-of-the-line skin, body and hair care products, the eBay timetospa.com outlet store brings an extensive selection of overstock, discontinued and clearance luxury spa products at reduced prices and auction rates. Customers will also benefit from eBay’s PayPal service to help streamline secure transactions.

Like the eBay outlet store, timetospa.com’s Amazon.com storefront provides customers with another means of obtaining professional quality skin and hair care products. Accessible directly on Amazon.com via relevant keyword search terms, the timetospa.com storefront is a mirror of its main Web site, and allows existing Amazon.com customers to quickly and easily purchase products directly from timetospa.com using their stored Amazon.com profile information.

“The addition of the timetospa.com eBay store and Amazon.com storefront will further spread the fast-growing spa culture concept; little luxuries that provide a respite from the chaos of modern living,” said Aimee Schmalzle, sales and marketing manager for timetospa.com. “Destination spa treatments and professional skincare products are not just for the jet-setting crowd; our new timetospa.com eBay store and Amazon.com storefront is one more step we’re taking to create the ultimate at-home spa experience for everyone in need of a little pampering.”


timetospa.com, a virtual spa offering at-home access to an authentic spa experience, will take advantage of eBay’s and Amazon.com’s global communities to further its mission of providing easily accessible premium spa lifestyle, skin, body and hair care products at your fingertips.

Both stores mirror many unique features of timetospa.com by offering a full range of normally priced products and by directing customers to educational articles and spa tips.

Customers who enter timetospa.com will find informative articles and advice, which are regularly posted to the site to assist customers with their purchases. The eBay outlet store is a convenient outlet for existing clientele to find select timetospa.com products at a clearance rate or to pick up discontinued items at a sale price.