US travel marketing body awards Sain

The Association of Travel Marketing Executives (ATME) recognized the unwavering dedication and affirmative influence of Chairman Gary Sain with the Inspired & Passionate Leadership Award.

This came during the ATLAS Awards ceremony at the 26th Annual ATME Travel Marketing Conference in Las Vegas, May 23.

This award was presented to Sain as he concludes his five-year tenure as chairman of the travel marketing organization.

Sain, a chief marketing officer/partner for Yesawich, Pepperdine, Brown & Russell, was elected Chairman ATME in 2001, and has since revamped the organization into a network of travel marketing industry leaders who strive to be on the cutting edge of travel marketing solutions, innovative ideas and effective solutions.

“It was a great honor to serve as chairman of ATME. I never thought of it as work. To me, it’s all about giving back something to the industry. This is what makes ATME special. It’s an organization that is dedicated to helping its members be the best they can be,” said Sain. “I am proud to have served as ATME chairman. I helped make it a better organization and ATME helped make me a better person. Isn’t that what it’s all about(TM)”


Sain will continue with the organization as immediate past chairman and head the ATME Branding Committee, an executive board united to explore the future goals of ATME and how the organization’s brand can be enhanced to better address the needs of its targeted audience. Joel Chusid, principle of travel marketing company Joel Chusid & Associates, will replace Sain as the newly elected chairman of ATME.

“Gary was chairman of ATME during the organization’s most challenging times after 9/11. He ensured ATME’s survival and masterminded the rebirth of the association. Because of his dedication ATME is now thriving and growing. No one could have deserved an award for inspired and passionate leadership more than Gary Sain,” said Kristin Zern, ATME Executive Director.