Hilton ads target gay community

Demonstrating its continued commitment to diversity and inclusion, Hilton Hotels Corporation recently unveiled an ad campaign targeting the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender (GLBT) community. The company is rolling out this first-time campaign beginning in a June issue of a major GLBT magazine and continuing throughout the summer with ads in other major GLBT publications, some of which will be distributed at gay and lesbian pride festivals this year.

YESDESIGNGROUP, recently retained as the “agency of record” for Hilton Hotels Corporation’s Diversity Programs, created the ad and tagline, “Come as you are . . .Fabulous,” for this campaign. “Our dedication to diversity goes hand in hand with our commitment to hospitality,” said Floyd Pitts, senior director of diversity programs for Hilton Hotels Corporation. “We want our name to be synonymous with hospitality to ALL people. Reaching out to the gay community is a natural extension of those values.”

“We are particularly excited to work with Hilton Hotels Corporation and applaud their positive message of inclusion, a core value that we share,” said Lori J. Posner, President of YESDESIGNGROUP.