Preferred Hotels adds 52 hotels

Preferred Hotel Group has added more than 50 properties to its worldwide membership roster in the past two quarters. The “Preferred” name has been extended to encompass a family of hotel and resort brands, aligned with the needs of today’s hotelier and guest. Preferred Hotel Group includes: Preferred Hotels & Resorts; Preferred Boutique; Summit Hotels & Resorts; and Sterling Hotels.

Richard Lewis, Preferred Hotel Group’s area managing director for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), projects continued growth in regional membership.

“The global reach of Preferred Hotel Group provides a strong framework for all four of our brands,” Lewis says. “We’re known as a company that is extremely effective at generating revenue for our member hotels. This year, we expect to see especially strong growth in Europe and the Middle East for Preferred Hotels & Resorts, Sterling Hotels and the new Preferred Boutique brand, to complement existing strength in Europe with our Summit Hotels & Resorts brand.”

Driving growth at Preferred Hotel Group is an experienced management team led by Chairman and CEO John Ueberroth, who purchased the company in 2004. Ueberroth has moved quickly to expand the company’s portfolio of brands, and to initiate a range of customer-focused programs.

“We’re very pleased with the pace and type of growth that is being achieved in Europe, the Middle East and Africa,” Ueberroth said. “We’re anticipating increased momentum throughout the rest of 2006 as each of the four brands gains in awareness and demand on the part of the consumer.”


Across all brands, new guest initiatives, combined with services for member hotels and resorts themselves, provide a platform for continued growth. Despite the pace of change, Preferred Hotel Group ensures its success by taking the time to ask its guests, “What do you prefer?”

Preferred Hotel Group is a global leader in the hospitality industry. This creative, cutting-edge company is designed for a new era in travel—an era in which travelers embrace the individuality of distinctive hotels and resorts—yet desire a consistent commitment to excellence. The four brands of Preferred Hotel Group represent a collection of the finest hotels in the world and include:

Preferred Hotels(R) & Resorts, ( ); Preferred Boutique ( ); Summit Hotels & Resorts ( ); and Sterling Hotels ( ). Learn more at .