Mapsolute relaunches website

Mapsolute Inc has re-launched its site with a new look and powerful search facility. is a free online mapmaking tool that provides individuals and businesses on-line maps and door-to-door directions.

The re-launch of the new Web site brings the very popular European based Map24 brand to North America with easy-to-use maps, detailed driving directions, at Internet speeds that are many times faster than other North American map sites.

New features on the Map24 web site include a powerful single line entry search facility that can quickly and effectively conduct searches even with misspelled words and partial addresses. As a result, Map24 users do not need to enter addresses into different fields. Address details, such as zip code, town and city can be entered into a single address field in any order. When the search is executed, Map24 lists the possible addresses, so that users can select the appropriate one. Once the desired address is selected, it is shown on the map and can be used a starting point or destination for route planning.

Another new and unique feature is that specific Points of Interest (POI) such as tourist attractions or hotels can be found by simply typing in the name. For example, if a user types in “Boston Aquarium,” he is immediately shown the address and a map of the Boston Aquarium. The ability to find POIs around a particular destination is a great advantage when someone does not know the specific street or city of POI. In addition, the re-launched portal now includes building outlines in city centers, known as City Maps. City Maps make it much easier to orientate users when searching or planning a route.

An additional feature offers a 3D mode that does not require the user to know what direction (North, South, East or West) that he is headed in. Users simply engage the 3D mode - either with a bird’s eye or street level view and the 3D route flight follows the route along the road, while keeping the map orientated to the user’s direction of travel. In addition to the usual Map24 location information (such as train stations, car parks, theatres, hotels and restaurants), the name of the road being “driven” is also continuously displayed.


“The goal behind the re-launched website is to help people find their destinations easier, with routes that are easier to follow,” said Jim Thomas Golob, CEO of Mapsolute. “No other mapping portal offers the range of mapping services complete with simplified address lookup, routing, driving instructions and 3D-POI search capabilities. After receiving input from thousands of Map24 users, we believe that we offer the most user friendly and helpful mapping and directions portal available.”

The re-launched Map24 website was entirely done with Mapsolute’s new AJAX API which is now being made available to Map24 developers. (See today’s other announcement: “Mapsolute Announces Free Map24 AJAX API for Easy Integration of Advanced Mapping Technology into Websites.”