Flying drunks top aggravation survey

The disgusting drunk, a recent - and now regular - addition to flights, is the most annoying travelling companion, according to a recent poll conducted by passengers led the poll of annoyances with 40% of the vote, beating the aggravation of bawling babies by 1%.

Other aggravations included the tiresome talker, who came in third with 8% of the votes, closely followed by the hostile hostess with 6% and the demanding diva with 4%.

Receiving only 1% of the votes, the frightened flyer appears to receive the most sympathy from air travellers.

David Soskin, CEO of says: ‘Cheapflights believes that flying should be a relaxing time when passengers can catch up on their reading, enjoy the latest Hollywood Hit or doze on the way to their destination. British consumers are getting savvier, and more UK holidaymakers are boarding flights than ever before. Making flying affordable for all should be a cause for celebration - and not an experience to be dreaded.

“What the disgusting drunks do not realise is that they are potentially putting themselves and their fellow passengers in danger, something which has been identified and acted upon by Manchester Airport who will now turn away passengers who turn up drunk and disorderly for their flight.


“This is an initiative that has been introduced to coincide with the busy Summer holiday season and the start of the World Cup and something that we at strongly support.”