Acupressure may reduce fear of flying

Has air travel become air torture? Surveys show that security checks, crowded flights, missed connections, rising costs, stress, and jet lag leave more than half of all airline passengers wishing they could skip the whole experience. But a simple do-it-yourself acupressure technique can put the pleasure back, say practitioners of EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Their do-it-yourself acupressure technique, which involves tapping on key acupuncture points while focusing on specific problems, works by improving the body’s flow of energy, even as it crosses time zones. EFT may also help protect against contagious viruses and bacteria by boosting immunity.

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The number of commercial air travelers who find flying to be at least somewhat stressful rose after 9/11 to 80 percent, and while the figure may be lower today, stress and anxiety remain common among new and frequent flyers.

According to EFT practitioners, the underlying cause of flight-related stress is a disruption in the body’s energy flow - and the way to repair both the disruption and the stress it causes is to stimulate key acupressure points along the body’s meridians, the same energy paths that were mapped by Chinese physicians who developed acupuncture thousands of years ago.


Deborah Miller, Ph.D., put EFT to the test when she flew from Oaxaca, Mexico, to Holland, a time change of seven hours. “I felt alert and refreshed,” she says. “My friend asked me several times the first day if I was tired and needed to rest, but I was fine. I only had a 10-minute period where I felt a little tired from jet lag. After that, I didn’t feel jet lag during the rest of the trip and my friend was amazed.” Her return trip ten days later was just as invigorating.

In addition to eliminating jet lag and making the flight experience more enjoyable, EFT has helped many overcome a fear of flying.

“That isn’t surprising,” says Gary Craig, the Stanford-trained engineer who is the technique’s founder. “EFT has always been exceptionally effective in the treatment of fears and phobias. Not only does it work quickly in most cases, but its results are permanent. As a result of EFT tapping, many passengers who used to be paralyzed with fear are now requesting window seats, walking up and down the aisles, and enjoying the whole flying experience.”

There are EFT practitioners around the world, especially the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South America. Many are licensed health care practitioners.

Over 300,000 have downloaded the official EFT training manual, which has been translated by volunteer practitioners into nine languages. The manual, which is free, makes it possible for readers to try EFT immediately. It can be downloaded from