Abu Dhabi wins creative prize at AIME

Abu Dhabi pavilion won the first prize for the best “Creative Design” at the AIME Exhibition which was held in Melbourne last week. The Emirate’s stand beat other 840 exhibitors from 50 countries. Abu Dhabi was felicitated by the Minister of Tourism in the Australian State of Victoria during a ceremony that was attended by the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) officials along with their Australian counterparts, exhibitors and delegates to AIME 2006.

“The fact that we have won this prestigious prize amid a tough international competition is a major booster to our marketing drive. The prize would certainly enhance our tourism profile around the world”, said Mubarak Hamad Al Muhairi, ADTA Director General.

The ADTA official further added:

“The ADTA participation at this show, along with other travel and tourism agencies in the emirate presented an opportunity to showcase our massive tourism potentials as well as other mega projects that are currently underway”.

He pointed out that the show exposed Australian decision makers as well as other global investors in the Pacific region to the enormous opportunities offered by Abu Dhabi.


“Such exhibitions are generally good as they serve to boost relations and partnerships. This is in addition to deals that might be concluded and programmes that might be evolved to boost tourism in Abu Dhabi in particular and UAE in general”.

Muhairi added that AIME is one of eight major exhibitions in which the ADTA is participating this year, noting that the tourism body is also participating in various regional, international travel and tourism fora that are being held this year.

ADTA Marketing Manager Ali Ahmed Al Hosani added that the prize was a well-deserved acknowledgement of the performance of the Abu Dhabi stand, which attracted scores of investors and key decision makers in the tourism and travel industry.

“This is a qualitative leap in our marketing endeavors. It is yet another success to be added to our earlier successes, notably when we won the first prize for the best stand design during the World Travel Market in London in October last year”, he said.

Al Hosani added: “Although we were debutants at the AIME, yet we made significant successes and were able to achieve our ultimate goal of promoting and positioning Abu Dhabi as a top tourists destination in the global calendar. It is worth mentioning that we were successful partly because of the contribution of the pioneering institutions in Abu Dhabi such as the Ettihad Airways, the UAE national flag carrier which is planning to open new routes to Australia”.

Hosani described the Abu Dhabi participation at AIME as crucial, saying that it offers invaluable incentives for international investors and decision makers.

The proactive participation of Abu Dhabi through workshops and meetings held on the sidelines of the events, said Hosani, and had reinforced the convictions of the participants about the worthiness of Abu Dhabi. Some 142 incentive meetings were held during which the needs of the prospective Abu Dhabi investors were highlighted. Detailed information on mega projects in the pipeline in Abu Dhabi were also made available.

“During these meetings, global investors demonstrated keen interest to see Abu Dhabi playing host to meetings and conferences. Such meetings, they opined, should bring together top industry decision makers as well as private and public sectors players. The aim should be to cement partnership between the two sectors”.
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