U.S. car renters get toll road solution

HNTB Corp. and Rent A Toll have announced an exclusive marketing and services agreement to provide toll payment services to car renters. The agreement facilitates efforts by both companies to solve a significant ground transportation and travel industry challenge: making toll payments convenient for car renters.

The U.S.‘s growing number of toll roads and toll payment systems present an ever-increasing inconvenience for car renters. Renters lose time while waiting to pay tolls or risk penalties by not paying them at all, while car rental agencies and toll authorities incur costs to pursue violators.

RTL has developed 13 patent-pending processes and related software applications that allow car renters to use tollways and simply add the tolls to their rental receipts. HNTB and RTL will work together to offer these toll payment solutions to toll authorities and car rental agencies.

RTL’s easy-to-use toll payment solution allows car renters to use convenient toll roads without carrying change, tracking receipts and wondering which lane to choose when driving through a toll plaza. Car rental agencies will benefit by offering added value to their customers and a decrease in collection responsibilities. Toll authorities benefit from an increase in prepaid accounts, decreased violations and reduced driver congestion.

RTL President and CEO Ben Robinson, says, “The corporate travel market has long suffered from lost productivity, difficulty in employee toll expense management, and growing frustrations from employees who have had no alternative but to sit and wait in long lines to pay minimal fees when traveling on toll roads. The Rent A Toll solution will be particularly appealing to corporate travelers who want to maximize their productivity.”


Rick Herrington, national technology services director for HNTB and former assistant executive director at North Texas Tollway Authority says, “HNTB’s history of serving toll agencies gives us a unique ability to judge the merits of a new technology. We believe Rent A Toll’s portfolio of solutions is the most comprehensive and most customer-friendly in the market today. We are pleased to play an important role in improving the experiences of toll agencies, rental car agencies and their respective customers.”

Debbie Lemon, RTL co-founder, says, “We are honored to be chosen by such a respected industry leader as the best solution for car renters’ toll payments. Combining our resources will make it possible for toll authorities, car rental agencies and their customers across the country to solve this problem in the very near term.”

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