uBid.com inks deal with SkyAuction.com

uBid.com Holdings has announced a partnership with SkyAuction.com
that will allow uBid.com users access to unique new travel auction and sale
deals.The travel services offered through this partnership are unique
because of the auction platform which has proven to provide exceptional
value for consumers in other product categories. Both companies see this as
a significant competitive edge compared to other popular on-line travel
retailers such as Orbitz or Expedia, which do not offer an auction format.

“uBid.com is a trusted marketplace that consistently delivers
exceptional value through our distinctive auction format,” said Robert
Tomlinson, Jr., CEO of uBid.com. “We are pleased to announce a partnership
with SkyAuction.com that will enhance our customer’s experience by offering
quality auction- related travel vacations and packages in addition to our
other product offerings.”
  “SkyAuction.com believes that consumers should pay however much they
feel their travel package is worth and not a penny more,” explained Michael
Hering, CEO of SkyAuction.com. “uBid.com’s customers are a natural fit for
our travel offerings—using auction technology, we can guarantee that no
other site can provide our quality and value to the consumer.”
  On June 1, 2006, uBid.com will unveil the new travel tab, which is
expected to be followed by fourth quarter 2006 uBid.com direct co-branded
travel offerings. The new special deals can only be found by visiting
uBid.com and clicking on the travel tab.
  The uBid.com-SkyAuction.com partnership will offer “Bid On” or “Buy
Now” airline tickets, room nights, tours, cruises and all-inclusive
vacations. SkyAuction.com has provided over half a million travelers a
means to get more from their travel dollars than they ever thought
possible. The new partnership will offer unprecedented deals on leading
airlines, hotels, resorts, and cruise lines, bringing customers brands you
know and trust, offering the most amazing travel bargains available on the