questions fan confidence

Is Wayne Rooney’s metatarsal to blame, or is the star striker’s foot just adding further injury to insult when it comes to the England football team’s chances at this year’s World Cup?

Latest statistics from leading price comparison site,, show that more and more Brits are planning to leave the country towards the end of June, suggesting a possible lack of confidence in England reaching the final stages of the World Cup.

In the second week of June, football fever is definitely affecting booking choices with Frankfurt and close to home cities such as Dublin in far higher demand than usual. From 8th - 14th June, Dublin is the second most searched for destination and Frankfurt the sixth most requested on

However, interest in both cities declines dramatically in the third and fourth weeks of June, with Frankfurt failing to make it into the top 20 destination searches and Dublin dropping to 13th and 14th places respectively.

What’s more while long-haul favourites Orlando and New York show poor interest for early and mid June, with Orlando out of the top 20 searches and New York down in 15th position, by the last week in June, Orlando is back in 8th place and New York in 10th.


Searches for the traditional Spanish costas and Portugal’s Algarve are looking strong throughout June, suggesting that British holidaymakers are confident that their Spanish and Portuguese hosts are as football mad as us and happy to humour their top tourist markets with easy access to England matches! Either that, or the lure of Spanish sun and sangria is stronger than the prospect of watching England in a nail biting penalty shoot out.