reveals baggage horrors has released a report naming the heroes and villains of the airline industry when dealing with baggage delays and weight restrictions. One of the most surprising conclusions was the fact that, when questioned by the report’s compilers, only 8 out of the 22 airlines questioned were willing to discuss figures relating to their performance standards. users can access these valuable statistics on its “Travel Tips” section. For the full the ‘Baggage Delay’ report outlining the performance levels of over 20 major airlines, go to

Of the airlines who responded, SAS Scandinavian Airlines has the best record when dealing with delayed bags with just ten bags delayed on average for every 1000 passengers. Alitalia and SN Brussels ranked second and third respectively with 12.4 and 13.4 bags.

Several airlines including Virgin Atlantic and BMI would not share their statistics. Easyjet and Monarch promised to send information, yet details had yet to be received at the time of the report’s completion.

CEO David Soskin said: “Cheapflights believes that, when it comes to choosing a flight, consumers need all the facts. They may save £10 by booking with one carrier - but if that carrier does not get your luggage to you in a timely fashion, your holiday or meeting could be ruined. The travelling public needs to have all the facts in order to make informed decisions.”