European airports attracting crime

Women are 14 per cent more likely to be victims of airport crime than men
according to new research by Options Travel Insurance.The finding was part
of Options’ Airport Crime Survey examining the travel experiences of more
than 2,000 people.

Italian airports are the worst in Europe for crime with a shocking 53 per
cent more incidents recorded than second-placed Spain. Albania is the
capital of pickpockets with Spain and Italy again making the top three.

Although more than eight in ten people (85%) have flown to a European
country, many are still failing to do the basics like taking out insurance
or reporting crimes to the police. 30 per cent of crime victims did not
report the crime to the police and therefore would not be able to make a
claim. One in five victims of crime were uninsured.

Dirk Kelly of Options Travel Insurance urges extra vigilance, especially
among women, when at foreign airports: “A scam to watch out for is in
countries such as Italy where criminals are driving on their mopeds past
cars, tables and pedestrians and helping themselves to your valuables.”

“It’s vital, if you do unfortunately fall victim to crime whilst on your
travels, that you obtain a police report, as your travel insurance provider
may not pay your claim without one. Have a great holiday but be vigilant.”