Egyptian Tourist Authority launches website

The Egyptian Tourist Authority is launching its new official website
  The new portal provides information on everything from Egypt’s historical
and cultural attractions through to its beautiful beaches and activity based
holidays including diving, safaris, yachting and golfing.
  In addition, contains a news section with all the
latest information on Egypt, a monthly events section highlighting all the
main festivals and events taking place across the country through to the
latest archaeological discoveries, such as the 3500 year old mummies found in
Luxor. also provides visitors with travel information
such as visa requirements and useful phone numbers ensuring each visitor has
all the necessary information to plan an enjoyable stay in Egypt.
  Visitors to the site can also access an interactive newsletter which
provides further information for individual requests on places to visit and
any other additional information that may not be available on the main site.
  H.E. Mr. Zoheir Garranah, Minister for Tourism, commented, “Our new
website provides a whole host of information on this exciting and diverse
destination and will provide travellers with a one-stop resource for finding
out more about the country.  The new portal will also be instrumental in
helping us to attract more visitors to the destination and ultimately reaching
our goal of attracting 16 million visitors by 2014.
  “The internet boom means the web has become increasingly important, with
54% of online travel shoppers beginning their travel research with an online
travel agency and 37% of online shoppers beginning research at a travel
supplier website.”
  The new portal, available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish,
Russian and Arabic is one of the key initiatives of Egypt’s new integrated
marketing campaign designed to double the number of global visitors to Egypt
by 2014.
  The Egyptian Tourism Authority is also the first to pioneer the new
‘.travel’ domain name launched by Tralliance Corp, the .travel Registry.
‘.travel’ is exclusively for businesses, organizations and individuals in the
travel industry.