Hotels get Pegasus commission tool

Pegasus Solutions has added a new tool for its commission-processing service, an online application called TravelCom, that enables hotels to better and more easily manage their commission payments to travel agents.The TravelCom tool has been used extensively by hotel customers of the Utell by Pegasus service, and is now being made available to all Pegasus commission-processing customers. The Web-based application gives hoteliers the ability to send booking data from their central reservation system to Pegasus for processing and enables them to validate, store, research, edit and create reports from the data. Implementations for the TravelCom tool are expected to begin for commission-processing customers in April.
Golden Tulip Top Hospitality is the first hotel group to implement the new TravelCom application. “With the shift in air-to-hotel booking ratios, we believe travel agents will be focusing more and more on hotel reservations. By offering our hoteliers an advanced, cost-effective commission consolidation and settlement tool, they can now provide their agency customers swift commission payments, thereby further improving their relationship and exposure,” commented Riko van Santen, director of distribution and information technology, Golden Tulip Hospitality Group.
“We’ve made it simple to manage commission payments online,” said Dennis Law, senior vice president of product management and strategy for Pegasus. “From weekly processing to direct deposit to VAT self billing, we continue to develop new ways to serve our commission-processing customers—both hoteliers and travel agents. The TravelCom tool gives the Pegasus commission-processing service a Web-based entry point that is user-friendly and easy to use.”