Amadeus upgrades agent tools

Amadeus is close to completing a project to upgrade travel agencies to browser-based, internet technology. 99% of travel agencies now connect to Amadeus’ reservation system over an internet connection and over 81% of Amadeus’ travel agency points of sale now operate the flagship, browser-based Amadeus Selling Platform (Vista).

Amadeus upgrades over 7,000 points of sale each month and recently launched the latest version - Selling Platform (Vista) 2.3 - with graphical interface for service fee calculation with Amadeus Service Fee Manager and enhanced central ticketing functionality.

Selling Platform allows travel professionals to focus on selling travel and developing customer relations. The platform allows travel agents to choose how they work fastest - with both cryptic and graphical modes - and is updated automatically over the internet.

The graphical user interface gives travel agents fast, integrated, single-screen access to all travel content. The rich information offered by, for example, Hotels Multimedia equips travel agents to confidently select the right hotel for each customer’s needs and drive bookings in this high-revenue sector.
“When working with our travel agency partners, we go beyond bookings to look holistically at their selling processes; from attracting customers, to finding a travel solution that suits their needs, to making sure they come back. We believe that a truly integrated approach brings the maximum business benefit to this process and our many happy and successful travel agency partners, as well as this award, are testament to that,” says Claude Giafferri, Vice President and Managing Director of Travel Office Products and Solutions, the Amadeus division which develops travel agency technology.

“By migrating our 75,000 travel agency locations to Internet Protocol-based connections our travel agency partners now have faster, more reliable access to our system. This allows agents to concentrate on what they do best - serving customers and selling travel.” says Eberhard Haag, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Data Processing.