Super 8 exec makes Chinese top ten

The Super 8 Hotels China chief executive officer, Mitchell Presnick, has been honored as one of 2005’s “10 Most Influential People in the Chinese Hospitality Industry”
at a ceremony in the prestigious Diao Yu Tai State Guest House in Beijing. It is the second national Chinese tourism industry award that Presnick
has received this year.

The event was sponsored by Hotel Modernization Magazine, considered one
of the most influential magazines in China’s hospitality industry. The
magazine’s editors and industry experts evaluated more than twenty
finalists before casting secret ballots to chose the winners of the

Last year, Super 8 Hotels China surpassed its own growth targets while
establishing a widely known and prestigious brand. Super 8 Hotels China
currently has 46 properties in 26 cities either operating or under
construction in China.

“All Super 8(R) economy hotels in China strictly adhere to the policy of
‘Clean, Friendly, and Consistent,’ which is the brand standard
worldwide”, said Presnick.

While overseeing his company’s impressive growth, the young Super 8
Hotels China CEO has insisted that Super 8’s domestic local partners.
owners and guests receive international quality service and support. The
visible results of Presnick’s policies in cities around China have sent
positive ripples throughout the industry, and earned praise from
influential leaders in both the public and private sector.


“I am extremely grateful to everyone for their recognition of Super 8’s
success,” Presnick said as he received the award. “Our achievements are
only possible because of the efforts of the entire Super 8 team and all
of our local partners and owners. The credit goes to them. The Super 8
brand promises to continue striving to play a positive role in China’s
economy hotel industry and to bring international quality economy hotels
to the Chinese market.

“We hope economy hotel brands will continue to play a more active role
in China ‘s hospitality industry. Super 8 Hotels China wishes, in
conjunction with other leading economy hotel brands, to create a
favorable atmosphere in this vibrant marketplace. Our organization will
work hard to develop an outstanding Super 8 brand and management team,
enabling economy hotels not only to develop rapidly but also to enjoy
international quality management and operations.”

Last month, Presnick was recognized by the influential Beijing Youth
Daily newspaper and the Chinese Youth Tourism League as “2005’s 10 Most
Influential People in Chinese Tourism” in a ceremony held at China’s
Great Hall of the People.

As of today, Super 8 Hotels China has 16 operating properties in 12
cities across China, with seven properties scheduled to open in the next
90 days. Separately Super 8 Hotels China currently has eight regional
partners, and in January of this year, Super 8 Hotels China opened its
first Area Partner Office, designed to better support local properties.

In November of 2005, Super 8 Hotels China announced plans to open five
regional offices over the ensuing six months. In the first half of 2006,
the company will set up a Super 8 National Training Center in order to
further increase the standardization of management and operations. Super
8 Hotels China expects 2006 will be a year of continued growth and
expansion in the Chinese market.