Superclick Deploys Wi-Fi Initiatives

  Superclick, Inc. unveiled today its initiatives
targeted at expanding its growing Wi-Fi offering. The Company’s Wi-Fi
solution (“SIMS(TM) Wi-Fi”) is rapidly gaining market acceptance with
installs completed at several leading brand properties including, JW
Marriot (Las Vegas), Choice Hotel’s Quality Suites (Montreal), Bonaventure
Hilton (Montreal) and Intercontinental Hotel Group’s Crowne Plaza (New
Orleans). Superclick’s CEO, Ronald Fon commented that, “We are extremely
pleased with the fact that in most environments, the customer is actually
upgrading to Wi-Fi from our wired high-speed access and modem dial-up
SIMS(TM) solutions, demonstrating our ability to scale with our customer’s
business needs.” The Company’s Wi-Fi initiatives involve a flexible offering of three
billing models for customers, depending on their size and needs. The
SIMS(TM) Wi-Fi Non-Roaming Service is property specific. The SIMS(TM)
Radius Service allows users to access the network at any number of
designated properties, enabling the property to create loyalty programs
for its customers. The SIMS(TM) Global Roaming Service enables users to
connect through AirPath’s global radius network to any other public
wireless network. “We believe that these services provide our customers
with the greatest degree of flexibility and will ultimately allow us to
grow with them. This Wi-Fi initiative is really just an extension of our
customer-centric approach to Internet access management,” added Fon.

SIMS Wi-Fi Key Features: * Remote configuration * Custom usage reporting *
Integrated authorization, authentication and accounting applications *
Credit card enabled billing * Choice of security protocols for
safeguarding the property’s Wi-Fi network * Customizable web portal with
“walled garden” functionality * Easy-to-use About Superclick, Inc.