duo Airways Signs Deal with Sabre Airline Solutions

duo Airways Limited, has signed

a deal with Sabre Airline Solutions for Sabre FliteTrac operations control

and flight following system to facilitate the airline’s business and

regulatory requirements for monitoring flight status.
FliteTrac gathers data such as flight number and date, origin and

destination, departure time, assigned aircraft, fuel data, passenger list


(both planned and actual) and the original, revised, estimated and actual

arrival time.

Benefits of FliteTrac include increased personnel productivity, reduced

operations controller workload, easy-to-read graphical data, and constant

awareness of fleet status.  Features include integration with an airline’s

legacy systems, a customizable customisable user interface, automatically

updated database information, and built-in reports.

“We are extremely impressed with this product,” said Richard King,

operations manager, duo Airways Limited.  “All too often software packages

fail to deliver against expectations.  FliteTrac is an exception to this

industry norm - not only does it deliver what we wanted, it does more.”


FliteTrac was installed at duo in record time to help the airline’s

operations personnel readily monitor the status of flights in line with

business and regulatory requirements.  By interfacing with duo’s computer

reservation system, the FliteTrac system can display real-time flight

information in a Gantt chart format, with colour-coding, defined by the

carrier, to indicate flight status.


Vinay Dube, vice president, Sabre Airline Solutions added: “One of our

strengths is leveraging our robust technology arsenal to provide

affordable, quick solutions for carriers of all sizes.  And, with our

knowledge of the industry, the region, and an understanding of duo’s

immediate business needs, we were able to implement this solution on an

accelerated basis.”


Sabre Airline Solutions currently has 61 FliteTrac customers globally.


The contract with duo adds to the momentum of European carriers opting for

the smart technology available from Sabre Airline Solutions - with nearly

90 contracts signed in the region during the past 12 months.