Automated Miscellaneous Charges Product Available in Ireland

Sabre Travel Network

has introduced a travel agency product designed to simplify the process used to produce documents used for upgrades, tickets on departure and ‘extras’ such as excess baggage.  The automated Miscellaneous Charges Order (MCO) was launched in Ireland this month (February) and will reduce agency overheads significantly by replacing the cumbersome manual process currently in use.  The Sabre global distribution system (GDS) is the first in Ireland capable of providing an IATA-approved, machine-printed MCO. 

Traditionally, agents have had to fetch a multi-purpose document (MPD) from a safe, validate it, hand-write the document and manually report it to the UK Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP).  Staff in a typical mid-size travel agency would have to do this about 200 times a month. With the automated MCO agents simply have to fill in the blanks in a template on their PC screens, and print the document using their standard ATB2 Ticket Printer. 

The product automatically records, reports and provides documentation for a host of miscellaneous charges, including pre-paid ticket advices, deposits, stop-over arrangements, tour orders, taxes and other fees.

“Every travel agent hates having to do these things manually, because it’s time-consuming and complicated,” said Sharon Menzies, corporate manager at Club Travel.  “This product has helped us improve our work process, and guarantees accuracy. This, in turn, has increased productivity in ticketing, reservations and accounting.  We now rely on automated MCOs and would never return to a manual system.”


“At a time when every agency is looking for ways to sharpen its competitive edge, we believe that products like this add considerable value to what we are able to bring to the traditional GDS/agency relationship,” said David Brown, Sabre Travel Network’s director for Ireland, the UK and the Nordic region.