Roadpost Offers New International Services

Roadpost has
announced that
it is the first service provider in North America to offer Carry Forward and
Pooled plans for international cellular and Iridium satellite service
subscribers. Rather than foregoing unused minutes at the end of each month,
subscribers to Roadpost’s services can now carry those minutes forward for a
period of six months. Iridium satellite subscribers can carry forward
minutes for a period of 12 months. Roadpost’s new pooled services feature
also allows organizations to share minutes on a single subscription plan
across multiple users.
“Roadpost is the first in the industry to offer these value added programs
for international services,” said Morris Shawn, President and CEO of
Roadpost. “With the carry forward and pooled features, we can deliver
exceptional value and flexibility to help organizations better manage their
international telecommunications budget.

“International travellers want flexibility with their telecommunications
services,” he added. “Many only travel certain times of the year and often
cannot enjoy the full value of the minutes purchased.  Having the ability to
carry forward and pool minutes on a subscription plan can certainly
translate into overall savings—up to 32 per cent—and better management
of resources.”

Pooled and Carry Forward plans for international cellular services include
oneRoam World, International 50 and International 100. Unused minutes carry
forward for six months. Iridium Satellite Pooled and Carry Forward Plans
include Iridium 30, Iridium 120 and Iridium 240. Unused minutes carry
forward for 12 months.

The carry forward and pooled features are part of an overall package of new
offerings introduced by Roadpost for international travellers. The company
has also introduced a rush delivery service for rental and subscription
customers in North America. For a premium, Roadpoast will guarantee delivery
by 10:30 a.m. EST or Saturday, if applicable, for requests received after 3
p.m. the previous day as well as pay for the return. For rental services, it
has also expanded its loss and theft coverage to include damage protection.
These offerings are available for both international cellular and Iridium

Roadpost has also introduced a number of additional enhancements to its
Iridium Satellite service, including a $200 reduction in the cost of the
handset (subscribers only), new subscription and rental service packages for
added flexibility and choice and discounts on airtime rates.