OTC Joins Travelweb’s Distribution Partner Program

Online Travel Corporation

(OTC) has chosen Travelweb LLC as a preferred supplier of net-rate inventories for online distribution in a move to offer its customers access to great deals from the very best in hotel brands.

will be the first of OTC’s websites to go live with Travelweb’s inventory of more than 12,000 hotels and resorts.  Other sites powered by OTC will follow; including own sites Onlinetravel.com and Bargainholidays.com, and partner sites Thomascook.com and Freeserve.co.uk.

OTC can now offer its customers real-time reservations, true last minute availability, and competitive rates from the largest inventory of economy, three-, four- and five-star hotels worldwide.  This agreement with Travelweb compliments the already expansive array of products and services OTC offers to European travelers while giving the company increased revenue potential, broader product offering and enhanced website value.



“The addition of Travelweb’s hotel distribution offering dramatically increases the breadth of travel planning services we offer our customers - an enhancement that fits perfectly with our commitment to providing the best value available to our customers,” said John Bevan, Group Marketing and Product Director for Online Travel Corporation. “Now, on All-Hotels.com, each customer can find the best accommodations to meet his or her own travel needs, regardless of where and when they plan to travel.”


“OTC’s joining of our Distribution Partner Program further demonstrates that Travelweb provides the optimal global solution for the distribution of net-rate inventories on the Internet,” said Jaynne Allison, chief operating officer for Travelweb.com. “Whether their customers are in Omaha, Nebraska or Paris, France, Travelweb’s distribution partners can offer them access to an impressive inventory of more than 12,000 world-class hotels at the most competitive rates.”