ATA Airlines Renews Sabre Agreement

ATA Airlines
has renewed its

commitment to the Sabre Passenger Reservation System, an industry-leading,

fully integrated system that effectively manages reservations functions for

airlines of all sizes and in all stages of growth.

Additionally, the low cost carrier has asked Sabre Airline Solutions to


provide consulting services in support of ATA’s growth initiatives to

identify revenue and profit improvement opportunities through advanced

network design strategies, schedule architecture alternatives, and pricing

and revenue management enhancements.

“Since we achieved ‘major carrier’ status in 2000, we have continually

focused our efforts to streamline our operations and sustain the growth

we’ve enjoyed even in a constrained market,” said Glen Baker, ATA vice

president of Information Systems.  “Sabre Airline Solutions has played a

major role in helping us offer reliable, high quality air transportation

services to our 10 million+ passengers annually.  The Sabre Passenger

Reservation System empowers our service professionals to provide a

streamlined travel experience to our valued customers.”


ATA first engaged the Sabre Passenger Reservation System in 1993.  The

system represents both a selling and departure control system and is

supported by CRM capabilities.  Additionally, ATA employs system

enhancements including the Sabre Airport Check-in System, a productivity

tool to help airline agents serve passengers quickly and efficiently, and

the Sabre Credit Suite, a product that expedites reimbursement of revenues

generated from credit card sales.


“Clearly ATA are on a fast track to industry leadership, with a growing

stronghold position in the Chicago market and an expanding presence

nationwide,” said Gianni Marostica, Sabre Airline Solutions president of

Airline Passenger Solutions.  “To accommodate that type of growth, ATA

needs a reservation system that is flexible, scalable and comprehensive in

its functionalities.  We invest millions of dollars each year to ensure

that the Sabre Passenger Reservation System stays abreast of the increasing

demands of ATA and our 17+ low cost carrier customers around the globe.  We

appreciate the vote of confidence the ATA renewal agreement represents.”


Sabre Airline Solutions serves more low-cost carriers than any other

provider, with solutions targeted to start-ups, simple carriers, complex

carriers, hybrid carriers and low-cost carriers associated with traditional

airlines.  The company is the only provider of integrated solutions aligned

with the carriers’ current and future needs.  Offerings include systems to

manage reservations and departure control, airport, cargo, crew management

and dining and cabin needs, finance, flight operations maintenance and

engineering, planning and scheduling, pricing and revenue management, sales

and marketing, and customer loyalty.  Sabre Airline Solutions offerings

afford flexible delivery, are based on a platform capable of supporting

growth and incorporate pricing models that ensure the lowest total cost of

ownership (TCO).


ATA also implemented a portfolio of customer check-in solutions that

include curbside check-in and roving agents offerings, as well as

eticketing capabilities.  The passenger solution products integrate with

other Sabre Airline Solutions operational technology in the planning and

scheduling and flight operations areas.


Additionally, Sabre Airline Solutions consultants are working with ATA

leaders on three crucial projects: redesign of its network and hub

structure; pricing and revenue management strategic assessment; and a

profit impact evaluation in support of capacity realignment initiatives.

The consulting engagements, initiated in early November, are expected to

continue through March 2004.


“By optimising our systems and our processes, we intend to wring every

dollar of profitability from our operations to allow us to reinvest those

resources into enhanced services for our passengers,” said Stan Hula, ATA

vice president, planning.  “By teaming with Sabre Airline Solutions

consultants - a team with vast airline industry knowledge and experience,

we look forward to maximising our operational efficiency and capturing the

highest returns on our technology investments.  Having technology is only

one part of the solution - what is even more important is making sure we

have the right strategy in place to make the best use of the technology.


“ATA is already reaping the benefits of strategic consulting,” said Steven

Hendrickson, Sabre Airline Solutions senior partner for Consulting. “We

have identified several areas that will differentiate ATA in the

marketplace and maximise its profitability.  Clearly, ATA recognises the

importance of investing now to give the carrier an undisputable leadership

position for both near-term and future growth.”