Class Has Started Again - Nell McAndrew’s Is Back With Maximum Impact!

Everyone’s favourite fitness model is back for a second round of classes to get you into shape. Last year, she focussed on achieving ‘Peak Energy’, now she’s back with ‘Maximum Impact’. Now you can learn how Nell tones and shapes that heavenly body in this simple and accessible workout available to own on video and DVD from 29th December, courtesy of Universal.

A departure from last year’s bestseller, ‘Maximum Impact’ is an all-over body-toning guide that’s dedicated to self-improvement. Filmed in exotic Miami, it’s split into sections to condition, strengthen and tone every part of the body.  There’s no complicated choreography or expensive equipment here; just easy to follow moves that will firm up the parts that need it most. And don’t forget, Nell will be with you for the whole stretch!

The warm-up is followed by 40 minutes of interval training, including boxing moves, and 20 minutes of resistance work, that will firm up stomachs, shoulders, arms and bums. The work out gives a complete upper and lower body work-out (using optional weights), with abdominal crunches and a full body stretch to finish.

Maximum Impact is suitable for all levels of fitness because the simple routines allow you to exercise at your own pace.  What’s more, all the moves are ‘on the spot’, letting you work out wherever you want. And with a thumping soundtrack to accompany you, it’s fun, as well as productive.

Maximum Impact helped Nell become the pin up favourite that she is today - just think what it could do for you!