Air Jamaica out - strip competition

The National Carrier Air Jamaica has achieved record on-time performance, outclassing leading competitors such as American Airlines, United Airlines and Continental among others. Air Jamaica’s On-Time Performance, measured using the same method as the US carriers, stood at 89.48 percent for the month of October. This is the best performance against the US Department of Transportation (DOT) carriers with international flights over the period. When compared to major international carriers monitored by the DOT, Air Jamaica stood head and shoulders above the nearest rival, Northwest Airlines, whose OTP was 87.9 percent.
Jet Blue was the only DOT monitored carrier to outperform Air Jamaica. Jet Blue, an American based domestic carrier achieved On-Time Performance at 92 percent. It must be noted however, that Jet Blue only does short flights, without interline baggage, reserved seats, meals, or customs and immigration requirements. Since the beginning of the fall quarter the airline implemented a new initiative called “The Quick Turn Initiative” that allows the airline to better utilise ground time resulting in faster turnarounds for each flight throughout the system. Air Jamaica’s on-time record for September was 81.6 percent. From last year this carrier has reduced delay minutes as much as 90% and dramatically improved its operation.In a statement to the Staff, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Dave Banmiller, credited the Airline’s excellent performance to the staff’s efforts. “Despite our challenges, the entire Air Jamaica Team came through - reducing ground time and got the flights out early whenever possible,” he said. “I feel very confident that we will continue this trend, re-affirming our new-found reputation as one of the best international carriers for on-time performance in the world,” he further stated.