Roadpost Delivers More Flexibility at Less Cost

Roadpost Inc.

has announced that it has introduced significant enhancements to its Iridium satellite services that deliver users more choice and control over communications resources at less cost. From new Carry Forward and Pooled plans to discounted hardware and airtime rates, Roadpost is the only provider in the industry to offer the same flexibility and features for satellite services that international cellular service users enjoy today.

“Satellite services have traditionally lagged behind cellular in terms of features and benefits,” said Morris Shawn, president and CEO of Roadpost. “With the new offerings Roadpost has put together, we have levelled the field and made satellite services much more accessible for international travellers today.”

A brand new offering for Roadpost’s Iridium Satellite service is the Pooled and Carry Forward feature. Rather than foregoing unused minutes at the end of each month, Iridium satellite subscribers can carry forward minutes for a period of 12 months. The new pooled services feature also allows organizations to share minutes on a single subscription plan across multiple users.

“Roadpost is the only service provider in North America to offer Pooled and Carry Forward plans for satellite services,” said Shawn. “This is a significant breakthrough for international users, since they can now enjoy the benefits of subscription per-minute rates - which range from 15% to 25% less than rental rates - without having to forego minutes at the end of each month. This is especially key for users of satellite services, since travel tends to be seasonal and usage is not consistent. Having the ability to carry forward and pool minutes on a subscription plan can certainly translate into overall savings, and better management of resources.”


Iridium Satellite Pooled and Carry Forward Plans include Iridium Basic, Iridium 30, Iridium 120 and Iridium 240. Unused minutes carry forward for 12 months.

Roadpost has also introduced a rush delivery service for Iridium rental and subscription customers in North America. For a $20 premium, Roadpost will guarantee next business day delivery by 10:30 a.m. EST for serviceable requests received after 3 p.m. the previous day. For rental services, it has also expanded its loss and theft coverage to include damage. (These offerings - as well as the Pooled and Carry Forward features - are available for both international cellular and Iridium services.)

In addition, Roadpost has reduced the cost of Iridium 9505 handsets for subscribers by $200, introduced new subscription and rental service packages for added flexibility and choice, and increased discounts on airtime rates. Canadian subscribers also receive a 25% reduction on activation fees.

“The needs of the satellite service users are certainly unique,” said Shawn. “The onus is on the industry to address those needs and deliver creative solutions that will help them maintain communications in the field and better manage their resources at home. The services we have added, combined with the new fee structures and discounts, are all part of our commitment to bringing the best value to the end user.”