SynXis And IDeaS Announce A New Way To Optimize Revenue

IDeaS and SynXis have announced that they have successfully implemented an interface between the IDeaS Revenue Optimization Solution and the SynXis Reservation Management System with the help of its joint customer, Jumeirah International. This turnkey solution is the first to convey IDeaS pure opportunity cost decisions to a CRS, rather than the inexact method of converting them to length-of-stay control decisions. It is also the first to address new market conditions in electronic distribution, in that the SynXis Reservation Control Center allows the hotel to build in other factors that affect the opportunity cost, such as booking channel costs, travel agent commissions, consortia contract terms, or typical merchant model mark-ups that affect rate parity.

The SynXis hotels using IDeaS will benefit greatly from the XML-based interface because rate recommendations will be transferred from a hotel’s revenue management system into their central reservation system without any human intervention, and revenue optimizations can be reflected in the CRS almost immediately, even multiple times per day.

“Revenue enhancement has taken hold widely throughout the hospitality and travel industries and almost all major hotel companies have, or are developing, revenue optimization strategies,” said Joseph Martino, Senior Vice President of IDeaS. “But, these strategies have rarely been properly adapted to keep up with the migration of reservation activity out of hotels to central reservation offices and onto electronic channels. SynXis has shown especially strong commitment to empowering their hotels to maximize their yield across all channels.”

“We saw a trend that many of our hotels were having great success in maximizing their yield with the IDeaS system connected to their property management systems, but that they did not have any easy way to apply their strategy to their CRS-powered channels, with their confusing array of booking costs and business models” said Bernard Ellis, Senior Vice President of Product and Channel Strategy at SynXis. “By giving our properties a seamless way to maximize their revenues and profits from all distribution channels, we are satisfying a growing need in the industry. IDeaS’ commitment to revolutionizing revenue optimization for hotels in this ever-changing distribution landscape made them a pleasure to work with in making this a reality.”