Travel Less and Travel Smarter with WebEx and KDS

has integrated the Web
meeting services of WebEx Communications into KDS Corporate,
KDS’s flagship solution, enabling business travelers to easily choose
between virtual and in-person meetings. With this integrated booking
solution, corporate travelers will be presented with a comprehensive list of
both travel and WebEx conferencing options when arranging a trip.
During the travel planning and booking process, business travelers using KDS
Corporate will be prompted to consider WebEx as an alternative to certain
business trips. A WebEx meeting will be offered based upon customer-defined
contextual criteria including destinations, costs, corporate travel policies
and other business rules. The comprehensive solution enables businesses to
decrease travel expenditures while keeping communications and customer
contact at a productive level.

“KDS has always been quick to identify and integrate innovative technologies
that help its customers more effectively manage their corporate travel
needs,” explained Praful Shah, vice president of Strategic Communications at
WebEx Communications. “Presenting both travel and WebEx meeting alternatives
enable business people to select the best option for their needs.”

“By working jointly with WebEx, we, at KDS, are continuing our mission to
provide global customers with highly relevant technology and value-added
services,” said Jean-François Vergnangeal, Vice President Marketing and
Strategic Alliances at KDS. “KDS Corporate with WebEx inside is an
innovative solution to drive down the cost of business travel.”

By incorporating WebEx, KDS, as an independent travel technology provider,
further expands the number of vendors and travel options available to its
customers. KDS Corporate has a rich and open architecture enabling the use
of traditional travel suppliers (GDSs, traditional or low-cost airlines,
train, hotel and/or car rental firms), travel management companies
(traditional or online fulfillment centers), or meeting planning entities
(meeting management technology and/or firms, and web conferencing).

Travel budgets in corporations have continuously decreased since 2001.
Fifty-eight percent of travel managers surveyed by the NBTA reported that
travel spending between June 2002 and 2003 had decreased. Today, many travel
managers are looking for creative ways to further reduce the costs
associated with business travel. Web conferencing is seen as a serious
alternative to certain business trips.