FastBooking Facilitates Multi-Lingual Bookings

today announced several new enhancements to make the guest experience more satisfying while at the same time make the hotel more profitable.

As the Hotel industry takes the power of the web in hand, the selling offer as well as the guest experience in buying that offer set the tome for success on the web. FastBooking’s one page booking screen gives unparalleled ease for the customer in booking hotel offers. All reservation questions that are part of the reservation process are controlled from this one page. Clients do not have to constantly use the “go back” button as most booking engines only permit guests to check one rate with one arrival date.

Guests to the site can book up to three reservations on the same record with any arrival and departure patterns with any available room types. They can also select their preferred language to reserve in, change arrival dates, compare currency, change the room type and change the number of nights of stay. Each request will get an instantaneous reply and a new dynamic rate total of the request.

For hotels it provides flexibility and technology not available elsewhere. CRS displays can show all offers to the guest and can be themed to show promotions, packages, weekend offers etc. All rates being sold at the hotel can be sold on the web. Selling private rates to companies, tour operators, loyalty guests or group organizers (group room blocks) is simple and accurate. Pre-populated information immediately shows up in the booking page. Hotels can customize selling conditions and policies they want to impose for each rate contract and either offer an allotment or share inventory with other rate types.

Packages and special offers can be created in FastBooking and an attractive visual display can be shown to guests promoting this offer without the need to contact your webmaster. Restricted arrival, length of stay and special comp nights offers based on stay are possible. Special rate modules like LAST-MINUTE, LONGTERM STAY and PACKAGE MANAGER modules are used to generate extra revenue for you.


For Hotel groups, hotels within your group can be searched and offered to the user. Cross selling rate tiers will offer your guest a confirmation for an entire stay even if the rate they desire is not available for the entire stay as well as referral hotels if the hotel of choice is not available…

To look at the Demo Booking Screen Control Center go to

Two thirds of the world does not speak English. Open your hotel to new markets and make them feel at home on the web.

FastBooking captures all the booker’s information and offers you excellent marketing tools. Booking data extractions by any criteria along with email capture and web URL referral are just a few of the Important tools you need to compete in this economy